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Innovative Drapery Cleaning Milwaukee

Innovative Drapery Cleaning Milwaukee is a professional drapery cleaning company based in Milwaukee. We cover more or less the whole of county. We have been in business since 2018. Our company is 100% Irish owned and all our workers are fully trained and fully insured.

Innovative Drapery Cleaning Milwaukee is probably not the cheapest drapery cleaning company but we are not ridiculously expensive either. We believe in providing a top of the range drapery cleaning service for a pretty reasonable rate. We know what we are doing and we know what is best for your drapery. For us, it is very important that a job is done right the first time and our customers are happy.

We specialize in deep drapery cleaning services and dry cleaning. We can remove most types of food stains and drink spillages from grommet curtains (Eyelet) and we can restore old and tired looking. We can only clean if it is dirty not if it is damaged.

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Having your drapery professionally dry cleaned is a great way to keep your home or office looking and feeling fresh and appealing.

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Yearly drapery cleaning helps to keep your family healthy


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I was searching and found Innovative Drapery Cleaning Milwaukee . Their price are very reasonable and also very efficient service. I am using them for quite a while

Alister 2

Tried several drapery cleaning company but none are as efficient and affordable as Innovative Drapery Cleaning Milwaukee. I am doing my weekly drapery cleaning with them and i


You can imagine how dirty the drapery get in a landscapers offices! Innovative Drapery Cleaning Milwaukee have been successful in removing a winter’s worth of mud and grime


Innovative Drapery Cleaning Milwaukee has been contracted to us to maintain the appearance of both all our show homes, they have never failed to uphold the highest standard


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